“Your boss or another type of an authority figure at work needs your help with a big problem, and you may have to put a planned family event on hold for a few days to deal with it. The good news is that this interruption in your normally scheduled programming of life will create more opportunity than frustration. Explaining that to disappointed family members might help them accept the change in plans. This is your time to shine brightly.” 11/17/16 Horoscope from astrology.com (http://www.astrology.com/horoscope/daily/leo.html)

Unlike most people, I’m actually a believer in horoscopes. Horoscopes do not determine fate (they’re usually extremely broad), but they’re something fun which people can look to break up everyday life.

In 7th grade, I read a novel called Aries Rising, written by Bonnie Hill. In the midst of my book reading career, I didn’t know much about astrology, but I  picked up the book at the annual Scholastic Book Fair. After reading it, I became enticed in astrology and horoscopes.

I was born on August 5, which means I’m considered a Leo. Here are common attributes of a Leo.

Leo Strengths:

– Confident (me, on a good day)
– Ambitious (me)
– Generous (I hope so)
– Loyal (me)
– Encouraging (me)

Leo Weaknesses:

– Pretentious
– Domineering (I like to think I came out of my bossy years with childhood)
– Melodramatic
– Stubborn (ME)

I know that astrology isn’t 100% accurate, but at the same time, it gives me another reason to take a Buzzfeed quiz to find out Where I Should Travel Next Based on My Zodiac Sign  or What Candy I Am Based On My Zodiac Sign .





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