Written: June 23, 2014

Three strikes isn’t an out in the world of bowling.

Every Monday from noon to 2 p.m., Mason Bowl holds a clinic taught by Joe Riestenberg, the Mason bowling team’s head coach. 35 kids attended the clinic last year, with this year being only the second.

“The teaching part of [today is my favorite] because I think if I wasn’t even teaching I’d be coaching,” said Riestenberg. “I love the teaching and seeing somebody improve. There is always room for improvement. ”

The clinics are held to help kids improve their techniques, and introduce them to the sport of bowling. All children, from third grade to 12th, are welcome to come participate.

“The biggest impact [from the event] is if [the kids] have not been coached before in certain things [they still] see an improvement,” said Riestenberg. “The improvement is the big part.”

In August, a fundraiser will be held to raise funds for the Mason bowling team boosters.

“From a kid who has never thrown a ball before, to one who has been bowling for ten years, I want to see the improvement [from the child],” said Riestenberg.

Senior Kelsey Mitchell, a member of the Mason girls bowling team who has been bowling for eight years, said that she loves to bowl for the feeling of improvement.

“I like to be able to see how I improve with scores,” Mitchell said. “With other sports you can’t have a line to say, ‘this is where you have improved’; [with bowling you can].”


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