(This title was censored, so you can’t see it)


Journalism isn’t the ordinary classroom.

Most classrooms are independent. They are structured to have the teacher do their lesson, homework is given, then the students leave and repeat this process for countless hours.

I’ve been blessed by being accepted into a different kind of classroom. We are allowed to share all of our ideas, and we have the freedom to write what we wish. We discuss ideas everyday. I’ve learned this year that not all of them will be amazing; but it’s always worth sharing.

This isn’t just for classrooms though. If we didn’t have journalism, we wouldn’t have ideas. Everything would be the same; there’s no room for transition or new ideas to grow because people won’t be exposed to them. It takes a spark to light a revolution, and words are that spark.

If we don’t see, read, or hear new ideas that are going on around us, how are we supposed to learn?

I take my ideas often from inspirations I see around me. Censoring what ideas go into the media is taking away our rights, or taking away the things we see. As freedom of press is relevant in our era, without journalism, we don’t have that. We couldn’t open up a newspaper and see a feature story about Transgender Bathrooms, or the effects of drugs and parties in high school. These stories for me are what makes The Chronicle the newspaper it is, because I want our students to know that we aren’t afraid to make a statement or say what we support, uncensored. And to me, that’s what is important.

I wouldn’t trade being on The Chronicle for the world, because we help bring those students from the depths of censorship, to   the world of blossoming ideas. Mason High School needs this, because students need to be able to see outside the topics that are only talked about in class.

MBC is notorious for sharing the heart-warming stories that most people wouldn’t think to learn about. I remember seeing a story the other day about a guy whose been behind the scenes of our basketball team. He works just as hard as the coaches, yet he receives no credit. However, he loves what he does. Without MBC, we wouldn’t know about the actors in Halloween Haunt, or the cute service dogs that come to our school to help students.

Without The Chronicle and MBC, what are we as a school?

We’ll always be producing the latest news, or making the next big statement as a staff.

We might not be seen, but we’ll always be heard.

That’s what Journalism means to me: fighting for what you believe in, even though sometimes people don’t follow. But that’s okay, I’ve shared my ideas.

Now it’s your turn.


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