I still don’t know.

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“What do you want to do with your life?”

These nine words send a chill down my spine every time I hear them.

“I don’t know.” My simple answer. Then the person who asked gives me a judgmental glare, and I move on with my day.

What people don’t know is that those nine words will probably drag me to the unavoidable insanity I’ll have. I’m a sophomore, and yet I’m constantly asked that burning question of my future life decisions.

It feels now people are getting ready for college and jobs and life sooner and sooner, but I just want to be a kid. I want to be able to go home and go play outside again and ride my bike and not be up until 2am every night doing homework that probably won’t even get checked. I want to relive the days of childhood where people aren’t asking me all the time what I like to do, then the asking another question of ‘would you want to do this when you grow up?’ It seems to me that even as a child, I had  always aspired to go Duke (and I still do today), but when I was asked where I wanted to go, my response was always “Duke University”. I still love Duke today, and I definitely want to apply there, but I just don’t understand why I wanted to go there as a child so badly when I didn’t even grasp the basic idea of what college is.

Society shouldn’t ask exactly which college you want to go to, what you want to major in, and then which job you want to have when I’m not even out of high school yet. 50%-70% of college students change their majors at least once. However, the average is changing it at least 3 times. As I haven’t even taken all of the classes I want to take yet in high school; I can’t possibly know what I want to do for the next 40 years. I’m so inexperienced that I need more time to decide what I like and what I don’t. One day I may love biology, and the next I might want to never talk about it again. Things change, and schools need to learn that minds do too.

Forever will I silently applaud the kids that wake up one day knowing what they want to do, because I don’t even know what color socks I want to wear tomorrow. Some people are like that, they’re the lucky ones who know from the start exactly what they want to do with their life. They’re the types of people that have made the life plans that are so detailed it describes what they’re going to do on March 27h of 2037. If you do know, that’s great. Decisions are hard to make, and anyone who has already made some are one step ahead of the game.

I may graduate from Duke University in six years with a degree in pre-med, or I may walk out of a music hall playing bass for Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra- I don’t know. Time only has to tell, and between now and then, I think I might just figure it out.


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