I Can: I can successfully write a blog post.



I Can: I can successfully write a blog post containing sarcasm.

We do these everyday– I can statements. Whether we write them down, see or hear them, they’re present.

In history, we are required to write them down everyday to prepare us for the Ohio Graduation Test in the spring. But are we really learning these annoying statements? Just because I write them down, does not mean that I am going to magically remember all of them when I am actually taking the test.

I can: I can analyze and explain which day Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, and how this influenced World War I. Yes, I am going to remember that Ferdinand was assassinated on June 28, 1914. I am going to remember that this caused Austria-Hungary to blame Serbia, and before you know it, a war started. We have a hundred thousand other things to worry about when it comes to history. The I Can statements are not one of those.

I can: I can properly examine a primary source document. Well I would hope I can, it’s called reading. It’s basically common sense.

My history teacher gives us random checks to see if we are actually writing down and answering these I Cans. He supposedly gives us the last three minutes of each class to write them down, but until the first check, I was not informed they even existed. With other teachers letting us pack up early, I would have just assumed he did the same.

Why do I need to write down that I know how to read? Read it and answer a few questions, it’s not rocket science.

All in all, I’m a little fed up with how this and Common Core has become such a big deal at our school. Yes, some of them are important, but I refuse to rewrite the same exact thing we have done in class on a piece of paper. That’s why I have notes.

I Can: I can analyze and successfully restate exactly what we did in class today.


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