Sleep Slacker



1. (noun) The activity of which students spend countless hours filling out papers.

2. (noun) The cause of no sleep.

The word ‘homework’ needs to be changed to ‘midnight work’.

Let’s face it, homework is just a fact of life. Students in school have homework. But the amount of homework differs for different people. Friends who are in all college prep classes and electives go to bed before the sun goes down. Another good friend of mine, whose involved in 5 AP classes and two honors, is lucky to get an hour. As they complain over and over, I ask them “Why take the class then?” A look of annoyance is followed.

In reality, we spend hours every night doing homework, and teachers rarely bother to actually look at students work. 99% of the time, teachers glance at the page to see if its done. We spend all of our time doing one certain piece of homework, then the teacher doesn’t even look at it. To me, that’s like a stab in the back.

Since school has started back, and with the addition of semesters to our year, I haven’t gone to bed earlier than midnight. Five hours of sleep is enough to remind me that I should be getting eight. But to be fair, I don’t spend all of my time doing homework from the minute the last bell of the school day rings to the second I go to sleep. Marching Band consumes the majority of my life, and I am perfectly okay with it.

I’ve been taught that I may lack sleep, but I am an expert at time management. And in the long run, I’m okay with it.


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